Universities of Slovakia

Slovakia is located in Central Europe and every year, more and more students choose it for their studies. Besides the fact that it has universities with international recognition, it offers a fairly economic life and combines enchanting natural beauties with a great cultural tradition, especially evident in the “Old Town” with picturesque cobbled streets, medieval buildings and cathedrals. The “velvet divorce” with the Czech Republic occurred in 1993 and since then its capital is Bratislava. The official language is Slovak, but its inhabitants also learn English and German from their childhood, a fact that gives it an international character. It has a multicultural background and a warm and welcoming environment, thus, every year it attracts students from all over the world.

Bratislava, the capital city, which is just half an hour away from Vienna, is usually the first choice of foreign students, with an international character, attracting many investments and large multinational companies, while Kosice, as the second largest city in Slovakia, constitutes the commercial, industrial and intellectual center of the country.

Life is absolutely safe, without crime and relatively economical. Transportations are easy, since the transportation network is well-organized, while in terms of student housing there are many choices of modern apartments within a walking distance from the schools. The everyday life of the student is going on around the university, but there is no lack of time during the day for sports and entertainment, since someone will meet many sports facilities and artistic groups in the Slovak universities, while entertainment can be extended to walks along the Danube and Hornand, shopping centers and cultural events downtown up to very entertaining evenings in bars, restaurants and clubs. It is sure that no one is complaining about!