Universities in Serbia

Serbia is a unique destination for young students. Proof of its diversity is the fact that it gives the opportunity to study in a new environment, while it has a troubled but also great story. It has an enormous natural wealth with stunning landscapes, while in major cities such as Belgrade and Novi Sad, a young person can lead a rich and safe student life. For many decades, students from all over the world have been studying in Serbian universities, whereas since the establishment of English-speaking departments in the 1990s, this number is growing year-by-year. Healthcare schools such as Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutics have traditionally gathered the majority of students who have no difficulty adapting into the local community as Serbs are very warm and hospitable people, largely governed by our common mentality.

At the center of both Novi Sad and Belgrade, someone may observe a brilliant combination of old and new buildings, with a bright presentation of Serbia’s interesting cultural life.

Many housing opportunities are offered for students in new homes near the campus. In addition, it is currently the most economical destination with the lowest attendance fees of just €4,500.00 per year, while the cost of living is also extremely low.

Students have many sport opportunities within the campus, which offers such a curriculum that, although having certain requirements, it allows each student to lead a smooth life without any difficulties in a friendly academic environment.