The vision of Emfasis Educational Group

There is no need for someone to be a historian in order to know that our country was the native country of Hippocrates, Pythagoras, Empedocles, Asclepius and many other pioneers of Medicine, Pharmacy, Mechanical Engineering and other sciences.

In our era, don’t they exist “great minds” or talents, who acquiring appropriate knowledge supplies could achieve great things?

This is the target of EMFASIS efforts, i.e. to provide new international horizons to these people, promoting international co-operations and creating new networking interfaces among Greek and foreign students, universities, research centers and other institutions.

We aim to provide access to the international experience and stand by our students, helping them to acquire the cognitive tools that may allow them some time to offer innovative ideas, research and technology to the world.

We dream of the active role of young people in promoting science and our contribution to this process with Responsibility, Consistency and real Support to their Studies!

We support your vision…!