The values of Emfasis Educational Group

Confidence and Respect

Since each reliable relationship is based on confidence and respect, our efforts always aim to provide the best possible service to the student(s), perfectly responding to their needs with our friendly smile, optimism and love. We stay beside them any time with attention and understanding to any problem they may face, with continuous encouragement, concern and care.

Consistency and Effectiveness

Having inspired to all the people who work with us the effort to perfection and systematically cultivating a sense of self-improvement, we face the student with sincerity, seriousness and responsibility. Impregnated with this philosophy, we hold strictly to our promises, we guarantee a safe educational progress and we actively respond to all expectations of our students and their families.

Love for Education and Science

We show in a systematic way our own commitment to the principles of Education and Science with continuous training of our staff, adopting innovative teaching methods and providing high-quality, educational services.

Professionalism and Creativity

With a team-working spirit and positive energy, every day we set high targets for ourselves and our company. With creative mood, vision and appetite for work, we find ways to achieve them, offering to all our students solutions and alternatives for any potential problem.

Organization and Strategic

Since nothing can be left to chance, with careful study of the capabilities, requirements and objectives of each individual student, we design a comprehensive action plan to achieve the desired result. We find solutions that fully meet both the cognitive demands and the economic possibilities of each student, always seeking for the most favorable and advantageous terms.

Thus, we are proud of the task we accomplish, and every day this feeling of superiority is reinforced with the trustiness and the acceptance showed to us by hundreds of parents and children throughout Greece and by our cooperators abroad for many years.

Since EMFASIS Educational Group has a School with a long legacy of success, which has no relation with all those who lately operate in the field of Studies Abroad and at the same time, this constitutes a guarantee for successful acquisition of the desired degree.