Universities in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a Balkan country where in recent years, after the establishment of its English-speaking departments, it has become one of the most popular choices, especially for Greek students, since it offers a remarkable level of studies especially in Health (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary) and Polytechnics with a relatively low cost of living. As a neighboring country, its inhabitants have the same mentality with us and are also friendly to foreigners.

Student life in Bulgaria is interesting and offers many experiences to those who want to expand their horizons and successfully complete their higher education.

Both Sofia and Plovdiv are beautiful cities with green parks and historical monuments, in which many cultural and sporting events take place. Their growth has been remarkable in recent years, and this can be seen in multi-story shops, cafes and restaurants that are usually crowded. Sofia, as the capital city, has many attractions due to its rich history, whereas due to the large number of students there is also the so-called “Studentski grad” suburb with many student apartments. Plovdiv offers a scenery of irresistible natural beauty in the country thanks to the seven hills on which it has been built. The old part of the city with the Roman Theater, the traditional Bulgarian houses, the many galleries around it and the museums are just some of the many things that someone can enjoy. Therefore, Plovdiv has been chosen as the Cultural Capital of Europe for 2019!

Many Greek banks, mobile telephony companies and industries are installed in Bulgaria, while the presence of Greek students is noticeable, making it easier for a newcomer to adapt into.