Student Transfer to a university different from their original choice

Each year, we encounter a small number of students who wish to be transferred to a university different from their original choice.

According to accurate recent statistics, this occurs due to the following reasons:

  1. Financial reasons, in case the economic status of a family has been dramatically worsen.
  2. Difficulties of adapting to the country’s daily routine and learning environment.
  3. Difficulty in responding to the university requirements.

In such a case, EMFASIS offers solutions for the completion of the studies by transferring the student(s) into specific universities, doing its best for both the recognition of the courses already passed and practical facilitation of the whole process.

There is no doubt that if someone addresses us from the beginning, we are able to suggest a university with studying conditions absolutely adapted to the student’s skills in order to avoid looking for such a solution in the future.

Nevertheless, if this is necessary, we are in a position to support with all our strength this necessity.