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German is the main language of 82 million people in Germany, 8 million in Austria and in two thirds of Switzerland. In total, there are 96,389,702 German-speaking people worldwide. Finally, it is one of the official languages ​​of the European Union.

A good knowledge of the German language is appreciated worldwide. This knowledge is more valid if it is proved with a language certificate. Our certificates allow admission to Higher Education Institutes in Germany and offer more opportunities for professional development.

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Common European Reference Framework for Languages


Read More The holder of A1 certificate can understand and use familiar & everyday expressions, and to formulate in a simple way his/her own specific needs. He/she can introduce himself/herself or another person, posing personal questions to someone (e.g. regarding the place of residence, relations, things that belong to him/her) and to answer such questions. He/she can interact with simple expressions, provided that the other person speaks slowly and clearly and seems collaborative.
Read More The holder of the A2 certificate can understand individual words and phrases frequently used and familiar topics as well (e.g. basic personal and family information, shopping, local environment, employment). He/she can communicate during simple and routine tasks, which require only a simple exchange of information on familiar and routine topics. He/she can also describe in simple terms his/her own background and his/her immediate environment and refer to matters concerning his/her immediate needs.
Read More The holder of the B1 certificate can understand the main points on familiar matters related to work, school, leisure, etc., when the speaker uses clearly the standard language. He/she can deal with most situations that may arise during a travel in an area where German is spoken. He/she can speak in a simple and well-structured way on topics familiar or of personal interest.
Read More The holder of the B2 certificate can understand the main content of specific or abstract topics of a complex text, including technical terms related to his specialty. He/she can communicate spontaneously and easily, to the extent that he/she discusses in German fluently. He/she can speak clearly with details on a wide variety of topics.
Read More The holder of the C1 certificate can understand a wide range of long, demanding texts, and their indirect meaning. He/she can speak spontaneously and fluently, without giving the impression that he/she is searching for the appropriate words or expressions. He/she can use the language flexibly and effectively in the social, academic and professional life. He/she can express him/herself about complex subjects, in a convenient way, with well-structured expressions.
Read More The holder of the C2 certificate can understand almost without any effort anything he/she reads or hears. He/she can speak spontaneously, fluently and precisely, and handle even the finest difference in meaning, when he/she refers to complex matters. TestDaF is one of the prerequisites for the entrance in German higher education institutions. By passing the TestDaF test you prove that:
  • You can get important detailed information from various short texts.
  • You can understand the details and the general meaning of journalistic and scientific texts on scientific or socio-political issues.
  • You can find detailed information in everyday situations.
  • You can watch interviews or round-table discussions on topics related to your studies or other matters of general scientific interest.
  • You can understand lectures on scientific subjects.
  • You can write a well-structured, conceivable text and present your own arguments.
  • You can describe data, render them in summary and compare them with each other.
  • You can participate in talks and discussions and justify your opinion, assess the alternatives or proposals and make assumptions.
Read More The "Professionelle medizinische Terminologie in deutscher Sprache" is one of the brand new comprehensive programs of EMFASIS, designed for students or doctors of all specialties. The purpose of these courses is to familiarize students with the use of the German language in a working environment on health, and the development of listening (Hören), reading (Lesung) and oral (Sprechen) skills. With a large volume of vocabulary (academic and medical) and knowledge, EMFASIS boosts the self-confidence of the learner and provides the prospects to understand the international literature and for successful communication in German beyond the Greek borders for those interested in working abroad. * Upon completion of the program you will be issued a certificate of attendance. The program is divided into the following levels: Level 1 It focuses on general communication. At the end of this unit, learners have the necessary knowledge to introduce themselves and a third person in a hospital environment, to talk on the phone, to ask for personal information and to give instructions. Level 2 It focuses on patient’s history. At the end of this unit, learners have the necessary knowledge to speak clearly and seek for clarifications, to go further asking for the patient’s discomfort and the size of the problem and also to discuss about family and social matters. Level 3 It focuses on the examination and diagnosis. At the end of this unit, learners have the necessary knowledge to explain the problem and make a diagnosis, to give clear instructions to explain the suggested process of care and to prescribe the necessary medicaments. Level 4 It focuses on specialized medical vocabulary. At the end of this unit, learners have the necessary knowledge to make an in-depth analysis of a medical issue using the required terminology and to deepen in the vocabulary of the desired specialty. Attendance Requirements The program is suitable for students with moderate to good German knowledge (Intermediate to Advanced level). To see if this program is suitable for you, you can try for free the following test
Test yourself
Read More The following test is available for you. After you complete it, you will receive an automatic e-mail with the results and a list of appropriate courses for your level. Link to the test  

In EMFASIS, we constantly look for new reading material and we inform the sources from which we derive issues, so as our students to be fully prepared to understand unfamiliar texts on the “critical” day of the examinations and, in general, to get a more complete picture of the culture and the people of the specific country.



The fees are determined according to the type of the course and the number of teaching hours, as well as the number of the students in a particular class. Payments are made per month, followed by a corresponding voucher issued by EMFASIS. The Administrator of Business Programs is in constant contact with our customers to inform them, to settle any details and to resolve any problems. THE STUDENT IS NEVER ALONE. WE ARE ALWAYS BESIDE HIM/HER
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