Why to choose Emfasis Educational Group

Before you decide to whom you assign the important case of the studies of your child, take seriously into account that EMFASIS is the unique company throughout Greece that offers you the following:

1 More services and of better quality.
2 The advantage of a long educational experience of its people approaching 35 years of successful professional activity in the field of Studies Abroad.
3 The highest level of public relations with all relevant academics.
4 Personal and systematic academic supervision of all sponsored students at any time during their studies.
5 Official representation (under Contract) of the Universities, eliminating the presence of heterogeneous intermediaries.
6 The most comprehensive preparatory program for its students, so their training to ensure the absolute success of being accepted.
7 Continuous and coordinated contact with the parents of our students to solve any problem regarding their studies.
8 Emotional and psychological support, as well as constant encouragement of young students in their new environment.
9 The largest group of associates in attendance centers to effectively meet all students’ needs.
10 The signatories of reliability, consistency and validity of the General Director of EMFASIS Mr. Menandros Emfietzoglou with 32 years of teaching experience.

For all the above reasons, EMFASIS has been trusted by hundreds of students and their parents, who recognize that EMFASIS keeps its promises. In life, consistency, responsibility and effectiveness are taken very seriously into account.