A Message from the Administration of Emfasis Educational Group


Dear Friends,

In an international environment of harsh competition at the workplace, the insecurity and uncertainty of young people for their future are increasingly intensifying. The same applies to their parents, who wish their children would study what they want, of course, but also to be professionally qualified and have a successful career.

EMFASIS Group is a modern foundation center specializing in the preparation of candidates for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, architecture and polytechnics. It offers valuable alternatives to your studies or of a loving person, ensuring the certainty of a future professional success.

With over 35 years of systematic activity and educational experience of the signatory, and having sponsored hundreds of students, most of whom are already successful scientists and professionals, EMFASIS represents a number of prestigious European universities offering a high level of education and leading to diplomas with direct recognition not only in the European Union but internationally as well.

Therefore, our proposal is serious, responsible, effective and thoroughly tested: by undertaking the cognitive preparation, enrollment, move and accommodation of the students, as well as their academic supervision from the first day of their studies until the day of their graduation from the University, we secure the most important investment for their future, which is the acquisition of an outstanding degree!

With particular honor,

Menandros Emfietzoglou

General Manager of EMFASIS