School of dentistry at Comenius University in Bratislava in Slovakia

Carrying a legacy of many years, Comenius University in Bratislava is the most historic University of the country and constitutes a continuation of Academia Isropolitana, which is the oldest University in Europe (1645 AD). Its name (Comenius) is attributed to the famous Pedagogic Jan Comensky, who was the founder of the modern Pedagogics.

The Dental School of Comenius University in Bratislava belongs to the Medical School, but keeps its own Syllabus. The function of its English-speaking department started in 1992-93. With special focus on the practical implementation of the theory of technical courses, and, in combination with its perfect infrastructure, this results to excellent student education.

  • Duration of studies: 6 years
  • Each academic year consists of two semesters: winter (from September to February) and spring (from February to June).
  • Degree: MDDr. (Medicinae Dentale Doctor) / Medical Dental Doctor
  • Teaching language: English
  • (In parallel, the Slovak language is being taught during the first two years of studies in order to facilitate communication with patients that is necessary for the third academic year, when the clinical attendance begins.)
  • Fees: €11,000.00 (one-off payment at the beginning of the academic year).
  • Entrance terms: Multiple-choice test in BIOLOGY & CHEMISTRY.
  • Syllabus: Laboratories, lectures, seminars (see Syllabus – Dentistry_Comenius University in Bratislava).
  • Terms of graduation: Acquisition of 360 credits, in total, according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), i.e. 60 credits per academic year.
  • * It is especially important that during the last academic year, the particular university allows the student to attend his clinical training at a university hospital or clinic in Greece, after consulting with the University Secretariat and return to Bratislava to be examined in specific state exams.
  • Direct recognition of the degree by the competent Greek institution (D.O.A.T.A.P.) without any additional exams.

Our Services


After an in-depth analysis of the candidate's needs, capabilities and desires, and a comprehensive briefing by the EMFASIS specialized consultants, a procedure

for submitting the necessary applications to the universities of interest is followed. This ensures the candidate’s participation in the entrance exams of each university.

At this stage, we also offer FREE modern psychometric career guidance tests to facilitate and effectively help those who may be concerned about selecting a particular faculty or field of study.

In order to be accepted as a candidate by any particular university, some specific documents are required. EMFASIS undertakes to setup the file of each candidate and translate the necessary documents. It also undertakes at no extra cost the completion of all the bureaucratic procedures that even include the parity of the baccalaureate via the competent Ministry of Education.
In order to successfully meet the criteria and exams that each university or faculty sets in an introductory stage , EMFASIS offers foundation courses that can be attended either through close or distance learning with full guidance by highly experienced and trained teachers. There are three course cycles and, at the same time, our students have access to a large electronic library and vast educational material at their disposal during their studies.
Since most schools organize the examinations on their own premises, the people of EMFASIS accompany the candidates on the day of the examinations at the university and at the place where these are held, after the relevant organizational meetings. The results are usually announced within two days. After having the desired results, EMFASIS escorts a second move of the candidates to complete their official enrollment at the university and arrange various other topics (such as opening a bank account, receiving of books, etc.).
We have a network of partners in each country, where we maintain cooperation with state universities. Our associates dealing with the issue of residence are serious and well-organized companies that help you find what you need, help you with signing contracts, with the presence of a lawyer; they take care of placing an internet connection if you wish, and are able to deal with any problem arising in relation to the house throughout its rental. Thus, if the student chooses this solution, he/she is free of any concern related to the house. Most students are looking for the rental of a furnished apartment near the campus, which also provides them complete autonomy.
EMFASIS shows a systematic, lasting and active interest for its students throughout their entire period of studies and for any problem they may face from the first day of their accommodation to the acquisition of their degree. In practice, this means a continuous communication of EMFASIS’ representatives not only online but mainly thanks to frequent trips and scheduled individual meetings with the students themselves, listening to and resolving their potential difficulties, psychological support and encouraging everyone without any discrimination, but always with a pedagogical and responsible approach to all issues that may concern them. In this way, both children and parents in particular can have a sense of mental well-being that everything is going well, while regular updates are made on the prospects that open up in Greece and abroad after the acquisition of the desired degree.