November 10. 2018 UNIVERSITY OF GRONINGEN – STUDIES IN NETHERLANDS On Friday 9th of November 2018, the Open Day was held at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, attended by both the Managing Director of EMFASIS Educational Group, Mrs. Emfietzoglou Eleni and other distinguished colleagues. They were able to get important information on all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of the University of Groningen, to talk with members of the academic staff, with active and potential students from all over the world. The city of Groningen and especially the University is an excellent academic environment, a beautiful student campus and we would definitely recommend it for Medical Studies and for a number of other Bachelors and Masters as well. For more information you can always follow us on youtube: on Facebook  Instagram and of course call us at the following phones: 2107244890 (Athens) 2310 852216, 2310266399 (Thessaloniki)