Studies in Serbia – The Beautiful City of Novi Sad

August 9. 2018 Studies in Serbia – The Beautiful City of Novi Sad Novi Sad is the second largest city of Serbia, built on the banks of the Danube. In the past, it was a stopover for transnational trade and was developed to a level that many people called it "Athens of Serbia". The center of the old town is particularly picturesque. Someone can walk along the Zmaj Jovina sidewalk and discover small shops and hidden squares, visit the National Theater of Serbia, the old town hall, the Vojvodina Hotel dating back to 1854, and the imposing cathedral, while on the other side of the Danube there is the Petrovaradin Castle. In the town, there was an old, Greek district and a school, which nowadays operates as a clinic. There is also the Grckoskolska Street, which means the "Greek School Street". As early as the mid-1990s, the University of Novi Sad, and particularly the School of Medicine, established an English-speaking department welcoming foreign students, among them a large number of Greek. It must be noted that EMFASIS’ General Manager, Mr. Menandros Emfietzoglou, was the first official partner and representative of the university from Greece. The number of Greeks and other foreign students from all over the world remains significant. The University of Novi Sad is constantly evolving, a fact that is evident from its modern facilities and the academic staff that is constantly changing and upgrading. It is an ideal choice for any young person who would like to study in the school of his/her dreams, either in the Medical or the Dental School in an international language, such as English, acquiring unique experiences. You can study in a remarkable scientific environment and live in a beautiful and completely safe city, such as Novi Sad. A visit will convince you! In the following new video of EMFASIS, you can get a first impression of the Medical and Dental School of the University of Novi Sad and a first view of the city that is full of young people and nice rhythms! For more information, you may always contact us at the following numbers: 800 11 00 200 (Panhellenic, free of charge), +30 2310 852216 (Thessaloniki), +30 210 7244890 (Athens)