Start of summer foundation courses for foreign universities

June 19. 2018 Start of summer foundation courses for foreign universities Save the date! The preparation courses for students wishing to study in universities abroad for undergraduate or postgraduate studies begin on June 25th. Depending on the school or university that someone wishes to attend, he/she attend the appropriate preparation courses held by our experienced associate professor. This is because the English-speaking undergraduate departments of European universities and faculties such as Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary, Pharmacy or Engineering schools, especially in countries such as Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Germany, England, Serbia, the Netherlands, accept a large number of candidates from all over the world. Therefore, In order to choose the best candidates, some entrance exams are required. In order someone to be able to cope with these exams, he/she should have the cognitive background and know how to deal with these types of procedures, which are of course differentiated and much easier than the Pan-Hellenic exams. There is a specific syllabus and the examination takes place in a multiple-choice form. The program of EMFASIS consists of high-level courses taught in English by highly trained and experienced teachers who prepare every candidate in order to be accepted, as well as to successfully attend and respond to his studies. The preparation courses offered depend on the direction of study and the university chosen by the candidate (entry criteria) and can be attended either attending live classes or by distance learning, always under the supervision of competent teachers and the coordination of EMFASIS’s management.