Post-Graduate Studies

Entrance in UK universities and English-speaking university departments in other major European countries.
Postgraduate studies constitute a continuation of the basic studies and offer specialization in a specific scientific area or subject. These aim to promote knowledge and develop research, whereas nowadays the acquisition of a postgraduate degree is a new, powerful tool for the labor market.
The duration of studies may vary according to the particular scientific field or country and it usually lasts 1 or 2 years. The postgraduate program includes teaching hours (attendance and successful examination in specific courses) as well as preparation and presentation of a diploma thesis. This may lead to a doctoral degree (PhD). Different types of syllabus lead to different degrees and determine the particular specialty.

ΜΑ: Master of Arts
MSc: Master of Science
MBA: Master in Business Administration
MAcc: Master in Accounting
MFin: Master in Finance
LLM: Master in Law
MPhil: Master of Philosophy

For any degree you are interested in, the choice must be made after a careful study, as it will play a significant role in the professional opportunities that will be offered to you in the years to come. So, the decision you make should be the result of rational judgment depending on your capabilities, priorities and professional goals.

EMFASIS offers:
#1 Advisory meetings to select the most appropriate programs and Universities according to the needs and wishes of the person interested in, link to the labor market and career opportunities.
#2 Guidance on the application process and completion of up to 5 applications.
#3 Complete library with the Prospectuses of the particular Universities that can be studied by anyone interested in.
#4 FREE specialized psychometric test of career guidance, if it is necessary to find the most appropriate curriculum.
#5 Completion of a file with all the candidate's documents
#6 Translation of all the necessary documents.
#7 Application for a student loan or scholarship where it is possible.
#8 Creation of an e-mail account to check the progress of applications and manage responses to the particular Universities.
#9 Correspondence handling, continuous communication with the selected educational institutions and prompt notification of the progress of applications to the candidate.
#10 Provision of specialized and adapted to the students’ needs Foundation Courses.
#11 Preparation for an interview (if required by any University).
#12 Help in finding a home and completing residence applications.
#13 Completion of the necessary documents (banking, etc.) and continuous support for extraordinary issues up to the registration at the University
#14 Escort and help during first move and accommodation.
#15 Communication and support during the studies if needed.