DiscoverEU: An excellent initiative of the European Committee for young people

June 11. 2018 DiscoverEU: An excellent initiative of the European Committee for young people #DiscoverEU: 15,000 travel cards available to young people to explore the EU in the summer From tomorrow (12:00am Central Europe time zone) to June 26th (12:00am Central Europe time zone) young people, citizens of an EU Member State, who are 18 years old on July 1st, 2018 and wish to travel this summer, can apply for a ticket that will enable them to discover their continent from July to October 2018. The DiscoverEU initiative will enable them to understand the diversity of Europe, to enjoy the cultural wealth, to make new friends and get an idea of the ​​European identity. The Commissioner of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports of the EU Mr. Timbor Navrachic, stated: “The DiscoverEU initiative offers young people a unique opportunity to explore Europe through a personal route that will not be found in any book or documentary. I believe that this experience will be a positive change – for those involved and the communities they visit. Further on, we offer an opportunity for 15,000 unforgettable European stories, which will be followed later this year and the coming years, as well. " Under this new EU initiative, young people will be able to travel either individually or in groups of up to five people. The general rule would be a trip by train. However, in order to have direct access throughout the continent, the participants may, in special cases, use other means of transport, such as buses and ferries or, exceptionally, the airplane. In this way, young people living in remote areas or islands of the EU will have the same opportunities to participate. Since 2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage, those who travel will have the opportunity to participate in the various events organized throughout Europe.   How to apply Candidates should give their personal data and details of the trip they are planning to make. They will also have to answer a quiz of 5 questions concerning the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, EU initiatives specifically addressed to young people and the forthcoming European Parliament elections. Finally, they should answer a supplementary question as to how many young people think they will apply for this initiative. From their responses, the European Commission will be able to choose those who will participate. Once selected, the participants will have to start their journey between July 9th and September 30th, 2018. They can travel up to 30 days and visit up to 4 destinations abroad.