Transfer from a Greek or foreign university

May 18. 2018 Transfer from a Greek or foreign university Every day, almost all of EMFASIS’s educational advisors are being asked about the transfer process from one university to another. The questions usually concern either the transition from a foreign medical or dental school to another one, or from a Greek university and similar fields of study (Nursing, Physiotherapy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Psychology, Medical Laboratories etc.) in a university healthcare school abroad. The first question is usually WHETHER someone can save an academic year. That is, by having already attended some common courses with the School of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary or Pharmacy in the first round, if they can be recognized, he/she may enter the second or a higher academic year and save some time and, of course save some tuition fees, instead of starting again from the beginning. In the past, this seemingly reasonable targeting was also a relatively easy process. Since today there is today enormous false information in the field of studying abroad, we want to respond directly in order to properly inform and protect anyone from abusers who try to deceive and exploit people and circumstances, promising guaranteed entry in higher academic years. According to the current data, as these are officially announced by most Healthcare Schools of the most famous European universities, in order to transfer to a higher academic year, someone must have attended relevant courses at about 70%. The student, according to the policy of most universities, is required to take entrance examinations and, if he/she passes successfully, the scores and the curriculum of his/her first faculty are viewed and evaluated by a special committee of the respective faculty. In most cases, it is possible to recognize an entire course or a part of it, but the entrance in a higher academic year is almost impossible. Therefore, you should be careful to anyone who will try to guarantee you a transition to a higher academic year, as this may mean a deviation from formal procedures and pose risks either for your own future studies or your child. For further information the experienced staff of EMFASIS is always at your disposal. You can call us at 800 11 00 200, 2310852216, 2107244890