March 28. 2018 TIPS FOR RESIDENCE AND INSTALLATION OF STUDENTS ABROAD Undoubtedly, the accommodation in a new country for study is a special moment in the life of every student, since the mere thought of independence from parents and living in a foreign city fascinates most of them. It is time for new acquaintances, new experiences, and a new start. The contribution of EMFASIS in this exhausting preparation to organize the student's new home is catalytic and we help to simplify it. Finding a house, organizing it, various bureaucratic procedures, such as signing contracts, paying bills, or buying of various essentials, usually cause some stress to the students and, above all – according to our longtime experience - on their parents themselves, who want to settle everything in the best possible way, so that their children can be devoted to their studies. Students should initially know that normally, homes in the center of cities are older and more expensive than those outside it. You should also take care that the house you rent:
  1. Meets your requirements and do not rush to end up with the first one you will see.
  2. Must be close to the school.
  3. There is frequent and good transportation for your moves and explorations.
  4. Check the location of the house, the neighborhood and what it offers (e.g. super market, banks, etc.).
  5. If it is night, ask to see it in the day light. Negotiate the amount of the rent, especially nowadays, that we face difficult economic circumstances.
  6. Check the house well to identify any defects and remind the owner to fix them before you start living in the house.
All the people of EMFASIS take care that the student's accommodation process is not a source of stress for the family.

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