Visit of the Dean of COMENIUS UNIVERSITY

March 18. 2011 Visit of the Dean of COMENIUS UNIVERSITY Official visit of the Dean of the MEDICAL AND DENTISTRY FACULTY of COMENIUS UNIVERSITY of BRATISLAVA Prof. Mr. LABAS in Thessaloniki. Within the expansion of our cooperation with the rectorate authorities of COMENIUS UNIVERSITY of BRATISLAVA and further tightening of the relationship of the General Manager of EMFASIS Mr. Menandros Emfietzoglou with the dean of the Medical Faculty Prof. Mr. Peter Labas, the second visit of Mr. Labs in Thessaloniki took place Mr. Peter Labas inspected our facilities and was absolutely satisfied for the infrastructure of EMFASIS FOUNDATION, and the contact he had with the President Mr. Emfietzoglou and the teachers of EMFASIS. He was also impressed by the use of the E-LEARNING PROGRAM for distant learning, that is conducted by means of interactive whiteboards and high technology developed by "EMFASIS" for the preparation of all candidates of the University. Dean Mr. Labas gave a TV interview at the offices of EMFASIS. Afterwards he visited the archaeological sites and the Museum of Thessaloniki, which impressed him with its exhibits. Shortly before his departure, he said that the work of an official representative is important because professionalism and credibility enhance the reputation of the University and establish a sense of confidence to parents and students. The videoed visit of Mr. LABAS to the headquarters of EMFASIS.