Interview with the General Manager

March 10. 2011 Interview with the General Manager


Interview of the President & CEO of EMFASIS Foundation Group to SUNDAY magazine CEO of Emfasis Education Group Mr Menandros EmfietzoglouMENANDROS EMFIETZOGLOU Mr. Menandros Emfietzoglou, with 32 years in the area of Private Education, proposes GUARANTEED STUDIES for a guaranteed career!!! In what areas acts "EMFASIS" and to whom it appeals? "EMFASIS" develops a set of educational activities, which include: Secondary Education Tutorial Classes, Foreign Languages and Informatics Institute and a Preparation Center (Foundation Center) for Student Candidates of Medical, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Engineering University Faculties. We are addressing to all young people seeking cognitive skills for a successful professional future. You have also started a preparation class (foundation) in virtual classroom environment... Indeed in this area we are unique in Greece. A year ago, we set up our e-learning system for the education of candidate students of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy. Using the most modern teaching aids, such as tables and standalone software in a virtual environment, we offer to candidates living outside Thessaloniki the opportunity to be trained on the English terminology in Chemistry and Biology. This training enables them to pass the tests conducted later in Thessaloniki by a group of professors from the relevant university. Do you represent universities in Central Europe offering accredited degrees, equal to those of Greece in the same fields? We have links with a group of universities in Central Europe, such as the Charles University of Prague, Safarik University of Kosice and the Comenius University and Technical University of Bratislava. Since 1993, we have sent dozens of students to these universities, of which the oldest ones are now successful scientists. In the harsh economic conditions we face, what would you say to anyone who puts the economic issue over the education? Despite the economic downturn, graduates of the faculties we represent are able to join immediately the production process and ensure their livelihood. We stand by our students throughout their entire studies. This bilateral relationship with students and their parents has established "EMFASIS" as the first one in the students' capacity and quality of educational services for studies in Central Europe.